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Founded in 1980 as a store specializing in music records. Throughout these years it has been updated, developing a series of activities that has turned our brand into an important cultural reference. Espai Xocolat is currently considered one of the best record stores in Spain with a wide range of music of all styles. During this 40 years there has been a series of activities such as the creation of the Blau record label and a Cultural space, Espai Xocolat, for events, activities and recitals.

More than a recod shop

Wide and careful offer of music on CD and LP of all styles. Releases on vinyl, special or second-hand editions from collectors. Careful presence of independent labels and our label Blau. Books, gifts and other accessories with musical content.

Phonographic Editor: Blau / Discmedi

In 1982, Xocolat launched the Blau record label, with about 800 titles and more than 200 authors and creators from the Balearic Islands edited in physical and digital. In 1987, the record production company Discmedi was born in Barcelona, releasing thousands of editions of all genres.



Internet radio that offers old and new international music as well as our label music and from independent labels for differents audiences. Our Tv/Radio set is prepared for boradcasting live radio as well as live music. Discover our radio


We have tecnical equipment for broadcasting live music and events from our set and from other places. Soon, we'll offer this concerts and other cultural content live in streaming through our new upcoming platform.


Latest releases, second hand and collections. We also buy vinyls, if you're looking to sell your collection

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HiFi Denon

We sell High Fidelity sound equipments.


Complete your music lover collections with our deals.

Welcome to our radio!

Born around Espai Xocolat and Producciones Blau, Xocolat Ràdio is a commitment to quality music. An internet radio that offers, among international novelties and oldies, our music and those of independent labels for different audiences. Our program consists of 24 hours of uninterrupted music, a careful selection of songs adapted to each time slot.

Listen our radio from yout mobile: we have created this application that you can use by scanning the QR code (if you're with your laptop) or by saving this website.

Como instalar nuestra APP

Once the QR code has been scanned, at the bottom and in the center of the screen we click on the share button, the box with the arrow

A tab will be opened, left right-hand slider, or at the top and bottom according to its model, will find the "Add to Start Screen button"

Pressing the “Add to Home” button will open a permission screen and at the top right we will see the “Add” button in blue.

Well done! Now you have our APP icon in your phone and you can come back as long as you like without scanning QR.

XOCOLAT RADIO is licensed by the SGAE with the license number SGAERRDD/4/1384/07120

All the rights of the owners of the works, artistic performances, phonograms, audiovisual recordings and broadcasting broadcasts that are the object of this transmission are reserved, under the terms provided in the legislation on intellectual property. Unless authorized, the reproduction, distribution (by sale, rental, loan, etc.), public performance, broadcasting and communication to the public, in all its forms, of all forms are prohibited under the sanctions provided for in applicable civil and criminal legislation. this transmission and its content.