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Store specialized in records founded in 1980. Over the years it has been updated and has contributed a series of initiatives and activities such as the creation of the Blau record label and a Cultural space, Espai Xocolat, for events, activities and recitals. For years Xocolat has been the promoter of concerts, basically presented in the splendid Auditorium of Palma. Thus we have been able to see international artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett and on seven occasions Van Morrison, among many others

More than a recod shop

Extensive and careful offering of music on CD and extensive exhibition of vinyl of all styles that includes special editions for collectors. At Xocolat we take care of the presence of independent labels and our Blau label. Offer of books, gifts and other musical content accessories.

High Fidelity sound equipments: turntables, amplifiers, CD players, speakers.. from the quality brand DENON.


Large section of vinyl records with new releases, second hand vinyls and for collectors. If you're looking to sell your colletion please contact us. 

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We sell High Fidelity sound equipmens in order to listen music as you deserve: turntables, amplifiers, CD players, speakers.. from the quality brand DENON.


Born in the enviremonet of Xocolat and Prodduccions Blau, Xocolat RAdio is an Internet radio with 24h of quality music: new releases and international oldies, music from our label music and from independent labels for differents audiences.


Phonographic Editor: Blau / Discmedi

In 1982, Xocolat launched the Blau record label, with about 800 titles and more than 200 authors and creators from the Balearic Islands edited in physical and digital. In 1987, Discmedi was born in Barcelona, releasing thousands of editions of all genres.



We have tecnical equipment for broadcasting live music and events from our set and from other places. We offer concerts and other cultural content live in streaming through our platform.



Espai Xocolat takes part of the catalogue emblematic storesin Palma.

XOCOLAT RADIO is licensed by the SGAE with the license number SGAERRDD/4/1384/07120

All the rights of the owners of the works, artistic performances, phonograms, audiovisual recordings and broadcasting broadcasts that are the object of this transmission are reserved, under the terms provided in the legislation on intellectual property. Unless authorized, the reproduction, distribution (by sale, rental, loan, etc.), public performance, broadcasting and communication to the public, in all its forms, of all forms are prohibited under the sanctions provided for in applicable civil and criminal legislation. this transmission and its content.